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Ride Right Down

In June 2011 Campbell Price and Jock Blakeney embarked on the adventure they’ve always dreamed about, riding their motorbikes from Prudhoe Bay, in Arctic Alaska, all the way south through the Americas to Ushuaia, in southern Argentina, to the edge of the Antarctic Ocean.

The pair had previously travelled extensively throughout the world and have been touched by the generosity and gracious hospitality of the people (often in less fortunate communities) that they visited. This time they decided that they want to give something back by fundraising for a grassroots project in one of the communities that they will be travelling through.

Raising money through the local community Campbell and Jock have helped organise support for the rebuilding of the Escuela Wiñaypaq (Wiñaypaq School) in Peru, which was destroyed by devastating floods in 2010. Through this project, Campbell and Jock’s aim was to raise the funds required to finish off the construction and get the school fully operational again.

Now that the ride has been completed this site will be updated to share their story and provide inspiration and advice for others seeking similar challenges.


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The Intrepid Foundation is still looking for donations to continue to support Escuela Wiñaypaq and other great projects like it.

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